The Sisters of Social Service

(of Budapest)


is an international religious community founded in 1923 in Hungary.

It developed into three branches which are united by a Federation. The Federation of the Sisters of Social Service embraces three continents and nine countries. The branch with its center in Budapest consists of five districts: Cuba, Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia and the United States with sisters ministering in the diocese of Buffalo (NY) and the archdioceses of Miami (FL) and Washington, (DC). The Californian branch has sisters ministering mainly on the West coast as well as in Mexico, Taiwan, and in the Philippines. The third branch is located in Canada with its center in Toronto and with sisters ministering both in the Eastern and Western parts of Canada. The three branches of federation share the same charism.


Sisters from around the world in a federation meeting in Mexico

We are a Roman Catholic Society for Apostolic Life.

Our call is to live a life that is

  • rooted in the Holy Spirit;
  • grounded in the Benedictine tradition;
  • informed by social consciousness, and
  • contemporary in its life style.

As consecrated and professionally trained women, we serve the church and the secular society. Through a variety of ministries, we work for evangelization and the welfare of women, children and families. Under the guidance of the Spirit of Truth, we seek to hasten the reign of God by identifying the needs of society and responding to them in the most suitable ways.

Our Spirituality

Our Society - called to be actively apostolic - affirms the life of prayer as indispensable.

(Sr. Margaret Slachta)

Our communion with the Holy Spirit is a most treasured component of our life. It is only through the Spirit that our ministry can be effective. We strive to live a radical evangelical life, nourished by a contemplative spirit.

Usually, our chapels are dedicated to the Holy Spirit; our principal feast is Pentecost. We include special prayers to the Holy Spirit in our daily worship.

Our Benedictine tradition challenges us to an ongoing conversion of heart; a spirit of prayer and love; a positive view of all creation; a regard for hospitality; and a love for peace.

We participate in the liturgical prayer of the Church. There is also room for individual expression in our prayers.

We strive to bring into harmony within our everyday activities our prayer, our service, and our community life.



Our Benedictine heritage leads us to value community and to challenge each other to live the Gospel. Living a life of love in the Spirit unites us as a spiritual family.

As we gather in faith and joy at the table of the Lord, we witness to the centrality of the Eucharist in our lives. Our worship nourishes and fashions us into a family of God, a community of disciples, united by our common call, vision and mission. Deeply aware of the violence in our world, we reflect on our constant invitation to become peacemakers from within. Trusting the Spirit dwelling within us, we strive to live community where reconciliation, justice, and compassion abide.

Besides our membership, our associates share in our spirituality and mission.

Starting from 1923 - the year of our foundation in Hungary - sisters have been present in various countries: Canada, Unites States, Rumania, later Slovakia. The Society developed into three branches which are united by a Federation.

Our Mission

We are called... witness to God's Holy Spirit of Love, share in Christ's concern for the poor, participate in the church's social mission, minister to families, women and children.

We respond...

  • when human rights are violated by oppressive structures,
  • to seek solutions in cooperation with others,
  • to bring the values of Jesus to individuals and social structures.

Our Charism urges us to...

...alleviate suffering,

...spread hope,

...create community in a pluralistic world,

...share in the transformation of unjust systems,

...promote equality and dignity for all people.

Jesus challenges us to affirm life... "Whatever fosters unity, whatever raises people to fuller life, whatever enhances faith are of great concern to each of us."

(Constitutions # 48.)


Formation and internationality

The 13th General Chapter of the Sisters of Social Service (2003, Budapest) affirmed and re-emphasized that our internationality is a gift. "Therefore the Chapter asks the... General Council and the Leadership of the Districts... to explore possibilities of and develop plans for exchange of these gifts..."


As a Society we try to respond these challenges on every level, involving every district and each age group. The group that can be most receptive and the same time need this kind of formation is the group of juniors. They already familiarized themselves with our values and committed themselves with vows to live according to our charism. The years of juniorate offer a unique opportunity to integrate spirituality, apostolic ministry, community life and charism. God has blessed us with new life: we have young women in every stage of formation. After Pentecost of 2006 we have a total of: 5 postulants, 5 novices, 17 juniors.

If you want to support our international formation programs you can send donations to our Generalate in Budapest.

You may contact us:

Sisters of Social Service - Generalate

H-1029 Budapest, Báthori u. 10.

Tel. 011-36-1-275-7057

Sisters of Social Service - District House

296 Summit Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14214

Tel. 716-834-0197

Contact information for the other branches of the Federation:

Sisters of Social Service - California

4316 Lanai Road

Encino, CA 91436-3617

Sisters of Social Service - Canada

500 Huron Street

Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2R3

Phone/Fax: 416-922-0458